AI Poem about Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall, a symbol of division,
that separated people and dreams
was a source of suffering and pain,
and many people lost their freedom.

But even though the walls were high,
and the guards were ready
people still dreamed of freedom
and longed to be free.

And so it came to pass that some of them,
decided to risk their lives
and overcome the Berlin Wall,
so they can be free and happy.

Some of them were hiding in cars,
others crept along the wall,
and some even jumped over it,
with the hope of making it to the other side.

And when they succeeded,
and when they found themselves on free ground,
they felt like birds in the sky
and their dreams finally came true.

The Berlin Wall is no more today,
and people can move freely
but the memory of those who risked their lives
that they may be free remains forever.

So when you look at the Berlin Wall,
remember those who tried to escape
and on those who succeeded,
may their courage and desire for freedom,
it will inspire you throughout your life and age.

Berlin wall (AI)
Berlin wall (AI)